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About Us

The site was created out of the need for a repository for our teaching resources. Moving to Tanzania from the UK to teach in a international school highlighted the sheer number and volume of resources that we had created. We established the site to centralise our resources and to allow pupils to easily access them.

The i-study site has grown and expanded in 2014 became an official company registered in the UK: i-study Limited 09000061

A significant proportion of the content is and will stay free. To fund the running and further development of the site we now offer electronic resources for sale and school subscription sections.

We appreciate the support of users as we maintain and develop the site in our spare time outside our teaching commitments.

Hywel Davies: BA Hons Geography & PGCE Secondary Geography, currently teaching IB Geography and IB ESS in an International School in Marbella, Spain.

Michael Wolstenholme: BA Hons History & PGCE Secondary History, currently teaching IB Economics in an International School in Costa Rica.