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  1. The most abundant but also most polluting of the fossil fuels.
  2. Large reserves of coal remain in many countries and are often located near close to the surface. It is the cheapest fossil fuel to extract in most cases.
  3. Coal fired power stations are being built on a large scale in some LEDCs such as China to power industrialisation.
  4. New technologies are being developed that allow cleaner burning of coal (Carbon Capture & Storage).
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El Hierro Energy Revolution

El Hierro is a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean. Rather than relying on imported fossil fuels to generate ekectricity they have been transitioning to self sufficiency using renewable technologies.


  1. Read this BBC article and watch video 1.8
  2. Screenshot the map from the article showing where the island is
  3. Describe the renewable energies that the island is using
  4. explain how the lake is used as a storage battery for energy
  5. Why is this such an important part of the island becoming self sufficient in energy
  6. How many barrels of oil is the scheme expected to save each year?
  7. How much does this equate to in CO2 emmissions?
Video 1.8 El Hierro Renewable Energy

Card sort activity

Objective: knowledge of the events that happened. Understand the limitations of the methods used to contain the oil spill.

  1. Introduction to the BP oil spill
  2. Instruction Sheet
  3. Card Sort Statements
  4. Redesign the BP logo to reflect the oil spill/environmental damage - be creative. Some ideas are shown opposite - try not to copy them.
  5. Good Newspaper Report: NY Times
  6. Extended writing: Do you think the punishment that BP received was appropriate for the damage caused. Justify your answer with reasons.
BP Oil Spill Logo Redesign

Oil spill and clean up simulation

Objective: Practical experiment to learn about the effectiveness of clean up methods.

Follow instruction on this National Geographic web page.

Video 1.9 BBC The Great American Oil Spill
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